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29.07.2003 -

O'Reilly-Buch "Amazon Hacks" empfiehlt und amazon_functions

Buch kaufen
Der amerikanische Webentwickler Paul Busch legt mit seinem neuen Buch "Amazon Hacks" 100 Tipps für Benutzer und Partner des weltgrößten Onlinebuchhändlers vor. Dabei reichen seine Hinweise von versteckten Funktionen auf der Amazon-Website bis hin zur Integration der Amazon-Produkte in eine Internetseite. Erschienen ist das Werk im Hause des renommierten Computerbuchverlegers Tim O'Reilly.

Unter dem Titel "Create an Online Store" beschreibt das Buch mit dem "Hack 66" in einem Tutorial die Einrichtung eines Online-Shops unter, dem von entwickelten Amazon-Storefront-Creator. Seit Sommer 2002 gibt es mittlerweile schon über 5000 mit erstellte Shops. Unter dem Titel "Embed Product Details into a Web Page with PHP" schlägt "Hack 77" die von entwickelten "amazon_functions for PHP" für die Integration von Amazon-Produkten in die eigenen PHP-Seiten vor.


"Amazon Hacks - 100 Industrial-Strength Tips and Tricks"
von Paul Busch, O'Reilly Verlag
304 Seiten, ~$24.95
ISBN 0596005423
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Amazon Hacks is a collection of tips and tools for getting the most out of, whether you're an avid Amazon shopper, Amazon Associate developing your online storefront and honing your recommendations for better linking and more referral fees, seller listing your own products for sale on, or a programmer building your own application on the foundation provided by the rich Amazon Web Services API.
Shoppers will learn how to make the most of's deep functionality and become part of the Amazon community, maintain wishlists, tune recommendations, "share the love" with friends and family, etc. Amazon Associates will find tips for how best to list their titles, how to promote their offerings by fine tuning search criteria and related titles information, and even how to make their store fronts more attractive. And the real power users will use the Amazon API to build Amazon-enabled applications, create store fronts and populate them with items to be picked, packed and shipped by Amazon. And just about anyone can become a seller on, listing items, deciding on pricing, and fulfilling orders for products new and used.


5 out of 5 stars"Awesome collection of Hacks" - Todd Hawley from San Francisco Bay Area
Having posted over 200 reviews on Amazon over the past three years, I thought I was reasonably familiar with what Amazon had to offer on its site. While I was familiar with wish lists, posting reviews and the like, this book proved me wrong, as I learned about numerous other features (especially movie show times!) that Amazon offers. Among the features are finding individual ASIN's (Amazon Standard Item Number) for each product listed on Amazon, switching to a text-only Amazon (good if you want Amazon's site to load quickly), "power searching" on books, linking to personal Amazon reviews from your own web site, and countless others. There are also hacks designed to make it more convenient to sell items through Amazon, or participate in the Amazon community, even some hacks designed to let you use Amazon's Web Services. I'm not a programmer, so I'm not interested in those hacks specifically, but they do show how Amazon's Web Services can be used to create alternative interfaces that may be of use to Amazon or other fellow programmers.
Amazon Hacks shows how by using some "tricks," you can make your own use of Amazon and its numerous services that much more enjoyable and useful. This book is a wonderful "guide" to some interesting "hacks" that can be used while browsing the Amazon

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